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In and around Tarnów

Mural w Tarnowie
Culture and entertainment lovers will also find something for themselves and will certainly not get bored while staying in this charming city. Gourmets will enjoy delicious regional dishes such as siuśpaj, i.e. barley porridge with prunes and kręciołki cookies. It is also worth taking part in the Pleśnieński Bacchus, which is the edition of the Festival of Fruit and Bee Products, and for connoisseurs of good wine we recommend Tuchovinifest – International Wine Festival. You can’t miss the Tarnowskie Dionizje event either, during which local winemakers run a traditional wine procession in the Old Town.

Life is not only about food. When you plan to visit Tarnów, it is worth to first carefully study the calendar of cultural events that take place in the city. The long list of events that you cannot miss includes the TALIA National Comedy Festival, during which you'll see the best comedy performances from all over Poland. In your free time, it is also worth visiting the Art Exhibition Bureau, Panorama Gallery and Mościce Art Centre.

Fort Wapiti, or Indian Village in Zalasowa, next to Tarnów, also guarantees some interesting entertainment. This peaceful place with views on the Brzanka range is rich in unusual attractions and play zones, especially for children. This is where you can see the unique exhibition of 19th-century Indian handicrafts, Indian costumes, listen to amazing stories and feel the smell of smoke from the fire.

We also have good information for enthusiasts of long trips and history – when you're in Tarnów, remember to check out the First World War's Eastern Front Trail, which leads through several voivodeships, including the Małopolskie voivodeship and the Tarnów region. It includes, among others, the memorabilia of war operations with beautiful cemetery areas, for example in Łowczówek.
Tarnów is full of magic and secrets, you have to see it with your own eyes! Take your loved ones with you and spend unforgettable moments, among the monuments with soul, enjoying family entertainment.


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