Orava and Żywiec Beskids

widok ze szczytu góry, gołoborza na pierwszym planie, wokół zielone wzniesienia
The Żywiec Beskids offer many surprises for nature lovers who will find here rare plants and species of wild animals. Visit to the Babia Góra National Park is a must. The uniqueness of this place is evidenced by the fact that the park area has been fully protected under the Natura 2000 programme. It is also included on the list of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves. This place abounds in dense, beautiful forests – in the lower part they consist mainly of beech, spruce and fir trees, while in the upper part there are fantastic spruce woods.

The symbol of the park is laserwort – a plant with a white flower, characteristic only for this area. The most impressive concentration of laserwort is located under Sokolica and in the valley of Markowy Potok.

Above the area you will see Babia Góra, also called Diablak, the height of which reaches 1,725 metres asl. It is the highest peak of both the Żywiec Beskids and the entire Western Beskids. The forests there are home to many species of mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians and even fish. In the Babia Góra National Park and its buffer zone you can meet wolves, lynxes, deer, bears, beautiful grouse and eagle owls.

In the Orava Basin, there are high bogs unique on the European scale, known as puścizny, which are a refuge for birds.

When planning a trip around the area, it is worth Sidzina-Bystra and the magnificent monuments of nature situated there, namely Adam, Ewa, Abraham and Sirius oaks, which according to legend, were granted to local inhabitants by King John II Casimir.


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