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Kraków-Częstochowa Upland

Turniej Rycerski w Rabsztynie
Upland is a place where the future is inseparably connected with the past. The list of events referring to the past include celebrations of the anniversary of the battles at Krzywopłoty and Krzykawka, Silver Feast in Olkusz or Knight's Tournament in Rabsztyn. Historic trails also play a major role in discovering the traces of past centuries. Some of them – the Route of Medieval Towns in Małopolska and the Romanesque Route, take us back to very distant times. Others, in turn, bring closer the fate of people who lived in the 19th and 20th centuries – it's worth getting acquainted with the offer of the Małopolska Trail of January Uprising and the First World War's Eastern Front Trail in Małopolska.

Upland is a place where you can experience also artistic emotions, thanks to such events as International Olkusz Organ Music Days and Night of Museums in Olkusz, among others. Both events guarantee amazing experiences, tearing us away from everyday life and introducing us to the world shrouded in mystery. 

You can experience extraordinary taste sensations by following the Małopolska Wine Trail and trying local dishes. The Kraków-Częstochowa Upland is the home of tasty products such as Jurassic cheesecake, Ojców trout and Jurassic bread. Products from Małopolska are included in the Certified Regional Products list. A typical Jura dish are potatoes roasted with meat and vegetables. Whoever is interested in local culture should be encouraged to learn about local products of a slightly different character. Curious explorers will find a peculiarity in the form of... corn straw slippers from Nawojowa Góra, wood products from Jerzmanowice or artistic blacksmithing from Przeginia and Żurada.


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