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Orava and Żywiec Beskids

Muzeum - Orawski Park Etnograficzny Zubrzyca Górna
Typical Orava and Żywiec Beskids architecture attracts tourists from all over Poland and not only! You can admire it in the open-air museums in Zubrzyca Górna, Zawoja Markowa and Sidzina, but also while hiking in the surrounding villages – many families still live in beautiful, old wooden cottages.

The Museum – Orava Ethnographic Park in Zubrzyca Górna deserves special attention. The origins of the institution date back to the 1930s, when the descendants of the Orava Moniak family transferred a part of their patrimony to the State Treasury. Thanks to this, we can now admire, among others, the stately Manor of the Moniak family and typical Orava cottages with wyżkas (chambers in the attic). Wonderful exhibitions are also waiting for us at the Museum of Folk Culture in Sidzina, where traditional crafts workshops take place regularly. The museum houses exhibitions depicting life in the period from the 18th to the 20th century.

We highly recommend taking advantage of the wide range of open-air museums, because they are truly magical places – thanks to them it is easier to touch the past, while the set-ups, workshops and performances make these places full of life again! You can hear there the traditional music and singing, see the work of artisans and peasants and try some regional delicacies.

Rocking horses, colourful birds on a stick (called klepoki) or a walker with moving animals – these and many other wooden toys can be seen in the Beskid Wooden Toy Centre in Stryszawa, where everyone can feel like a child again!


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