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In and around Tarnów

Ratusz w Tarnowie
Would you like to spend time in the sunniest and warmest Polish city among magnificent Renaissance monuments, tasting delicious pierogi with country sausage? Don’t miss this opportunity! We invite you to Tarnów.
When wandering around Tarnów and its surroundings, you cannot pass by numerous museums reminding about old times. When you're leaving the cathedral, take a look to the right and you will see the oldest church museum in Poland – the Diocesan Museum. The nearly 500-year-old building hides numerous religious treasures and more. Masterpieces of painting, sculpture, liturgical vestments attract the attention of many art connoisseurs.

When you're on the Sobieski square, just turn left into the Krakowska street and you will... feel like you are in Vienna - it is a real pearl among the city streets. One of the tenement houses on this most important street in Tarnów once housed the seat of the Ukrainian government in exile. Between the buildings you can see a manor, which is currently the seat of one of the most interesting Polish museums – the Ethnographic Museum, known for the only exhibition on the history and culture of the Roma in Europe. In its courtyard, during the events organised by this institution, you can take part in a gypsy bonfire, and also admire the dances of Gypsy women dressed in colourful costumes.

When visiting Tarnów, it is also worth getting to Zalipie, a charming village with Felicja Curyłowa Farmstead Museum. In this village takes place the oldest folk art competition “Painted Cottage”, organised by the District Museum in Tarnów and the House of Painters in Zalipie. The House of Painters is a centre of creative work with mission of disseminating knowledge about the art of the region. 

If you have enough time, it is also worth going to Wierzchosławice and Szczucin. A large dose of knowledge and inspiration awaits us in both these places. In Wierzchosławice, situated on the south of Zalipie, you will find the Wincenty Witos Museum, i.e. the farm of the first Polish prime minister originating from the peasantry. In Szczucin, on the other hand, awaits you the Museum of Road Building, one of the most interesting museums of technology in Poland. It contains old road building machines and devices, as well as a rich collection of road signs or kilometre columns. It's really worth attention!


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