Agritourism in Małopolska

Wejście do drewnianego domu.
Among green fields and meadows, wrapped in the smell of hay and blooming orchards, away from the bustle of a city, road traffic and crowds craving for attractions, where silence is broken only by the crow of a cock, Małopolska’s agritourism farms await their guests.

Thanks to a unique combination of modernity and tradition, you can enjoy your stay in comfortable conditions, and at the same time learn about the customs and methods of running a farm that are in harmony with nature and that have been cultivated for generations. In order to provide the highest standard of accommodation and services, agritourism farms in Małopolska have been certified according to the rules determined by the Polish Federation of Rural Tourism “GG” (Polska Federacja Turystyki Wiejskiej “GG”). The farms have been assigned to categories, from “standard” to “3 suns”. In Małopolska, 150 farms have categories assigned. The most farms can be found in the Beskids. Here you will find perfect conditions not only to rest in idyllic, rural mountain surroundings, but also to enjoy active leisure in the picturesque mountain landscape. Other regions include areas around Kraków (the Miechowska Upland and the Wieliczka Foothills) and around Tarnów. Many agritourism farms were established at the foot of the Tatra Mountains, in the Podhale, Orawy and Polish Spisz, especially in the Pieniny and around the Czorsztyn Lake. The folk culture of this region, preserved in many villages, is remarkably vivid, and the wonderful mountain nature cannot be compared to any other. Many farms particularly welcome mushroom pickers, other ones offer conditions perfect for anglers or horse lovers. It is not difficult to find accommodation in the vicinity of ski areas, and you can find farms surrounded by interesting cycling routes in the entire region. 

Agritourism farms specialising in offers for children are extremely popular. Agritourism farms are run by enthusiasts who guarantee a fantastic atmosphere, lively customs and homemade cuisine that’s both traditional and unusual. Many agritourism farms also have an offer aimed at seniors, with all-day healthy meals and relaxation for body and soul. This is a type of holiday for everyone, regardless of age or interests. Available accommodation, checked and recommended by the Polish Federation of Rural Tourism ‘Hospitable Farms’, can be found at:


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