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Enotourism is wine tourism, a trip to a wine region, visiting a vineyard, participating in wine events: tastings, wine presentations, trainings, workshops, and wine-related holidays.

Enotourism is a branch of tourism developing rapidly in the world. Recently, Polish vineyards have also been gaining in popularity, and every year, there are more and more of them in Poland planted for wine production and sale. An inseparable element of Enotourism (specialised, educational) is the participants’ openness to gaining knowledge connected with wine and broadly understood wine culture and an appropriate infrastructure to receive guests. Enotourism creates an opportunity for vineyards and agritourism farms due to the growing popularity of ecological and natural products. Wines from small, local vineyards mean traditional production methods and a lack of chemicals affecting taste and aroma. On the other hand, an enotourist is a wine and travel enthusiast who already has some knowledge of the subject and buys wine more or less regularly. Enotourism takes various forms. It can be a visit to a vineyard, a walk through a vineyard, participation in the harvest, learning about the methods of cultivation and care of vines, learning about the equipment used to produce wine, learning about the methods of vinification, comments on the tasting of wines produced in a vineyard, purchase of wine directly from the producer, the possibility of accommodation, as well as additional attractions (concerts, the literature and wine type of meetings, workshops, e.g. cuisine and wine). Enotourism in the Małopolskie Foothills region includes cyclical meetings at vineyards, Pleśnieński Bachus (Pleśnieński Bacchus) aND Wielkie Tarnowskie Dionizje (Great Tarnowskie Dionysia).

The ENOTarnowskie area, covering the districts of Tarnów, Tarnów, Brześć and Dąbrowa Górnicza, has not been very popular until recently. Today, it comprises 60 larger or smaller vineyards. These are often undertakings involving whole families, from plant care through harvesting to the production and sale of wines. Not without reason, the ENOTarnowskie area is called the "Polish Tuscany" by some. There are, among others, the vineyards: Dąbrówka, Janowice, Uroczysko, Zadora, Manru and Nowizny. It turns out that wine growing here goes back to Renaissance times. Wines were produced here, among others, by the Crown Hetman Jan Tarnowski. Following reliable sources, it should be noted that they competed with Queen Bona's beverages. The choice of the Tarnów region is not accidental, as this place was created for its cultivation due to its location and favourable climate. Interestingly, Tarnów is considered the warmest city in Poland, where the most extended meteorological summer lasts. It causes the bushes growing on gentle slopes with a southern exposure to ripen beautifully, rich in fruit, and the final product has a great taste. In 2020, as many as 50,000 bottles of wine from the ENOTarnowskie area were sold. The growing potential of Tarnów's green surroundings is evidenced by the prestigious award of the Polish Tourist Organisation's Certificate for the Best Tourist Product in Poland, won in 2019. Every year, the area develops dynamically and adapts to the needs of increasingly demanding tourists. Atmospheric accommodation, bicycle rentals and sommelier services are being created in the surroundings of vineyards. What is more, innovative ideas such as the "Adoption of Vines", the "Wine Bank", the creation of a city vineyard in Tarnów and the construction of the Małopolska Wine Centre have appeared. Emphasis on the growth of the region is also to promote the countryside as an attractive place for leisure and recreation, as well as living and professional development.

As it turns out, ENOTarnowskie is not only about wine but also an association of individual farmers, including vintners, beekeepers, producers of cured meats, cheese and others. A tour of the Tarnów area can be a feast for the senses, as one can taste honey straight from the apiary, cheese or cured meats from local farmers, and all this surrounded by green vines accompanied by a glass of aromatic wine. Although the fashion for Polish wines is not yet so popular, this market is evolving and gathering an ever-wider circle of fans. The hosts’ love and passion for this drink and discovering new tastes makes this place worth visiting and staying for longer.


ENOTarnowskie is created by the Tarnow Tourism Organisation, enotarnowskie.pl


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