Wawel Royal Castle in Krakow. Aerial view of the castle courtyard and the walls surrounding the castle. There is a view of the city around a tree in the distance.
Krakow is a unique city – over a thousand years of history, former capital of the country, necropolis of Polish kings and as well as cultural, educational, scientific and economic centre of the region. It is a place that each year holds high positions in the rankings of European cities most beautiful and most-visited by tourists. No surprise there! The rich history is visible here almost everywhere, and the artistic spirit is simply hovering over the streets of the Old Town. The same streets, that prominent aristocrats, clergymen, writers and artists have strolled through for ages.
The capital of the Małopolska region is commonly associated with St Mary's Basilica, the Cloth Hall, Wawel Royal Castle, the legend of the Wawel Dragon and the Krakow bagels. However, there are many more attractions for tourists – the richness of nature, wonderful monuments, including numerous objects of religious architecture, modern museums, regional cuisine delicacies, European festivals and hundreds of cultural institutions, cafes and restaurants. As if that was not enough, the area around Krakow also has a lot to offer visitors, including monasteries, wooden churches, museums, vineyards, green areas and cultural events. Depending on your needs and preferences, the area around Krakow can be explored on foot, by bike or by car. The time you spend in Krakow and nearby cities will certainly be unforgettable!


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