Kraków for senior citizens Attractions and places to visit

A man and a woman hold hands and walk around Kraków. To the left and right are the tenement houses. The church tower is in the background.
Kraków is a city where age is just a number and adventure awaits anyone with a desire and curiosity in their heart. What can you do in Kraków, and what attractions await seniors in Krak's City? We have prepared some suggestions!

The most beautiful city parks in Kraków

Kraków is famous for its beautiful city parks, which are an oasis of peace, quiet and greenery. Here, you can relax and commune with nature, which, at this time of spring's awakening, is a fantastic break from everyday life. Where to go for such a walk in Kraków?

We recommend Planty, – a green belt around the Old Town created on the site of former fortifications. They offer pleasant walking alleys, benches to rest on and picturesque corners with numerous trees and flowers. At a short distance there is Jordan Park, – one of the largest and most charming parks in Kraków. Numerous paths and relaxation areas encourage outdoor recreation. For those who like art, the recently created Wisława Szymborska Park at Karmelicka Street will be a great place to go, and the Bednarski Park in Podgórze will be a good option for those looking for true urban wilderness and a chance to watch nature.

How about heading to the water?

Kraków has several magnificent bodies of artificial and natural water that form an essential part of the urban landscape. If you like to go exploring on foot, you’llreally enjoy takinga stroll along the Vistula boulevards to admire the Mother of All Rivers – the Vistula. You may be tempted by the opportunity to cruise on its waters or take a boat trip to visit the unique Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec.

How about the Kraków Mazury? The Bagry Lagoon, as this artificial reservoir is often called, is not only a popular place for all kinds of water sports, it’s also a unique opportunity to relax on a sandy beach in the middle of a large city. Bring a book, crossword puzzles, and a blanket, and have a good time! And if you fancy going a little further afield, the New Huta Lagoon is also a great idea for a break. There are excellent walking trails, a brine graduation tower, a municipal beach and an outdoor gym. Doesn't that sound like an idea for a super relaxing day?

Salt world and underground wonders – such attractions are only in Wieliczka!

The Wieliczka Salt Mine is an attraction that probably all of us know, but if you haven't managed to get here yet, now is the perfect time! In addition, it is well connected to Kraków, so a visit here can be a great option for a trip out of town.

The mine impresses with its unique monuments, such as the Chapel  of St Kinga, fancifully carved salt chambers, and salt-carved walkways. Here, you can marvel at the extraordinary works of art and architecture created over the centuries in the earth's interior and take in deep lungsful ofthe very cleanest, purest air! A stay here is salutary for the respiratory tract, as the salt has healing properties, stimulating the very-most excellent, purifying inhalation. After leaving the mine, you can still spend time in the brine graduation tower, where the pleasantly bubbling water and the microelements in the air will be the perfect end to the day!

Kraków Spa Pump Room (Krakowska Pijalnia Zdrojowa) – healing waters in the city centre

Who said you have to go to a spa to drink spa water? Such attractions await you in the heart of the city! The Kraków Spa Pump Room, located next to the Matecznego roundabout, is a fantastic place where you can taste water full of minerals, discovered here over 100 years ago! The Spa Park provides peace, relaxation and the opportunity to unwind in nature. This is a unique address on the map of Kraków, so be sure to drop by!

Kraków culturally – from cafes, museums to theatres

Setting yourself a more relaxed pace or starting afresh when you retire is the perfect time to explore the world in your own way. What there may not have been time for before is now waiting to be discovered. Coffee and cake in a cosy café, discounted theatre tickets, attractive packages to visit museums – everything is within reach, just around the corner. After all, the city has countless opportunities to enjoy it and experience new adventures. It's never too late to discover yourself and your world anew, and Kraków seems to be the place to do it!


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