Bacówka Leśnica

Mountain shelter in Leśnica

Mountain shelter in Leśnica
Polna 33, 34-406 Leśnica Tourist subregion: Krakowski
Type of entertainment attractions: Other
Where in the winter, skiers and snowboarders indulge in snow frenzy, in the summer the herd of 800 sheep belonging to Krzysztof Łaś rules.
Although the herd in Kotelnica is perfectly seen from the road, leading through Białka Tatrzańska, it is not easy to get to baca’s koliba built in Leśnica. Many gourmets of highlander cheeses wonder why each oscypek tastes a bit different. This is affected by many factors. Firstly, of importance is what the sheep eat. Secondly, the weather and temperature. When it is too hot, the animals are getting fever, which is not good for milk. Depending on the weather, milk should be less or more heated up before being treated with rennet. How to achieve an optimal effect?The best thermometer is the finger – say bacowie in unison. The weather also affects smoking, which is much faster during hot weather. During the rain, oscypki mature for a longer time, they have the more noble taste and denser eyes – or holes. Oscypki produced by Krzysztof Łaś are excellent, because in the process of their manufacture not only baca himself is involved, but also his two sons, two juhasi and his father. With so many hands, skillful and willing to work, the effect must be perfect. Baca built his koliba, next to his family farm in Leśnica, two years ago. He was taught his profession by his father who forms oscypki in his son’s hut to this day, so no wonder that the host wants to continue the family tradition. Both sons crave for work with sheep, but will they follow their dad’s footsteps? – Krzysztof Łaś would not like to prejudge it.
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