Zalew na Piaskach Kryspinów

Lake at Piaski Kryspinów

Lake at Piaski Kryspinów
Kryspinów Tourist subregion: Krakowski
General amenities: Facilities for children
Facilities at natural sites: Camp site, Bonfire site, Toilets
Type of natural attractions: Forest complexes, Water reservoirs
Prices: Ceny maksymalne: 12 zł Ceny minimalne: 6 zł
Additional services at outdoor sites: Bar, Coffee shop, Restaurant
The lake at Piaski, also called Kryspinów Lake, is located in the village of Budzyń, on the western border of Kraków.
The lake was created in the excavation of a closed sand mine. Its advantages include sandy beaches and a short distance from the centre of Kraków. That is why in summer the lagoon is often visited by the inhabitants of Kraków seeking for active leisure or just relax by the water. You can get to Kryspinów from the capital of the Małopolska region by road no. 780, and then leave your car in the paid parking lot. Numerous suburban buses also get there.
The bathing beach is guarded (and payable), it has water equipment rental, sports fields and a playground. There is also an adventure park right on the beach with a zip line running over the lagoon. And after the relaxing time spent by the water, we encourage you to try one of the nearby regional inns which are worth visiting.
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