They’re breathtaking! The most beautiful scenic glades in Małopolska

A view of the Gorce Mountains, a view of the Tatra Mountains in the background. Around forests and meadows
We have good news for those who love to see the majesty of the mountains but are not keen on mountain hiking or whose health does not allow them to do so! In the Małopolska Region, climbing high to admire the beauty of the mountains is unnecessary. Fortunately, our region is a mountain paradise – from the Beskids, through the Gorce and Pieniny, to the Tatra Mountains – all mountain wonders gather here in Małopolska.

We want you to see them too. Below are suggestions for excursions and walks with fabulous views included. The only thing left to do is to pack your rucksack and camera equipment and you’re off! Where? Find out where the mountain peaks are most beautiful and plan a trip abundant in views that will blow your mind!


Hala Majerz in the Pieniny Mountains

Hala Majerz, a vast pasture on the gentle Majerz Hill, is in the Pieniny National Park. The Main Pieniny Trail runs through it. In addition to the beautiful views, you will also find a piece of local folklore here.

On Hala Majerz, there is cultural heritage-based grazing of sheep and cattle, which, combined with the peaks of the Pieniny, the Gorce and the Tatra Mountains looming in the distance, and the glistening surface of Lake Czorsztyńskie makes for an electrifying view! The trail leading to Hala Majerz is an easy route for everyone. It takes less than 30 minutes to get there from the parking area next to the ruins of Czorsztyn Castle, and the views will make you stay there all day!


On Prędówka in Kościelisko

The Tatras at your fingertips? In Kościelisko, it is possible at almost every turn! The village in the Municipality of Kościelisko, right at the foot of the Tatra Mountains, offers numerous walking trails with a fantastic panorama to accompany you on your hike.

One of the most spectacular viewpoints is at the more than 100-year-old Chapel of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Prędówka. The Belianske, High and Slovak Tatras are so close here that if you stop and listen you can almost hear the fast rushing waters cool streams coursing through the rocky gorges. The road in front of the Chapel is steep but asphalted, so you it’s an easy drive here by car. The place is great to sit and watch the sun set and have a moment of quiet reflection.


Ostrysz over Dzianisz

Are you looking for places off the beaten track? The Municipality of Kościelisko has yet another proposal! The small peak of Ostrysz above Dzianísz is undoubtedly something for you! You can get here by walking along the red trail from the famous Gubałówka or driving from Cichy or Witów.

The panorama of the Tatras from Ostrysz is one of the most beautiful in Podhale. Come here if you like peaceful walks and a sense of vast space and freedom. A trip to Ostrysz is especially recommended in late autumn when the surroundings are swathed in warm colours and the snow-capped peaks of the highest mountains in Poland rise majestically from the soft hills. Then you will see for yourselves what the magic of the mountains is!

Łapszanka Pass

This is a favourite vantage point of all photographers and a popular place for wedding photo sessions. No wonder – the Tatra Mountains panorama is stunning here!

The Łapszanka Mountain Pass, commonly called Łapszanka, is an excellent place for a not-too-strenuous walk and a picnic whose backdrop is one of the most beautiful views in Poland. If you have not yet been to the Łapszanka River, take a trip here! We guarantee you will be delighted!


Mount Wdżar

On the border of the Gorce and Pieniny Mountains rises a small peak which, according to some legends (although never confirmed), is an extinct volcano causing strange magnetic anomalies. It is a must-see place for anyone who loves sightseeing tours with a hint of mystery.

Taking in the panorama  from Mount Wżdżar is like looking at a gorgeous postcard – gentle knolls, wooded hills and rocky peaks jutting high into the sky. It is a perfect choice for sunrises and sunsets. Mount Wżdżar can be reached by a hiking trail (specifically, the blue one) and by chairlift. No matter which option you choose, it is vital to ensure you get here, as it is one of the most beautiful places in the Małopolska Region!


Glade Łapsowa

An easy, undemanding 30-minute walk is all that separates you from two wonders in the Gorce Mountains with its exceptional views and the unforgettable flavours you’ll marvel at when you stop to take a rest and enjoy some food in the  mountaintop eatery.

Glade Łapsowa is best reached from Nowy Targ along the shortest and, at the same time, most scenic route. If you cannot get enough of the power and magic of the mountains, you can set off from Glade Łapsowa to the highest peak of the Gorce Mountains – Turbacz. We are convinced, however, that the joy you’ll have sipping on raspberry tea and digging into pancakes in the mountain shelter, as well as the incredible atmosphere of the place, will make you want to linger here for a long, long time.


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